Los Angeles Fire Sprinklers

Los Angeles Fire Sprinklers

Did you know fire sprinklers that are properly installed, serviced and maintained can save lives and property from fire incidents? Fire sprinklers have an impressive record of extinguishing, suppressing or containing the rapid spread of fire.

Find additional information on fire sprinkler systems and the types of fire sprinklers that can be installed in your home, business, school, naval ships, government building or military installation.

Additional Information on Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Los Angeles Fire Sprinklers

Before Installing Fire Sprinklers in Los Angeles

Its a good idea to contact the local fire department and speak with a fire marshal before you begin construction, remodel, renovate or retrofit a building, structure or facility in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Fire Department

"Our mission is to educate the community about the benefits of proper safety practices and identify and eliminate all types of hazardous conditions which pose a threat to life, the environment and property."

The Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety

The primary objectives are as follows: the prevention of fires; the investigation of the cause, origin, and circumstances of fires; the elimination of fire and life safety hazards in buildings, marine vessels, aircraft, and vehicles; the maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems; the regulation of storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials and hazardous substances; and enforcement of the basic building regulations of the State Fire Marshal as they apply to the City of Los Angeles in matters regarding fire, panic, and explosion safety.

Los Angeles Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division focuses on educating the community about the benefits of proper safety practices and identifying and eliminating all types of hazardous conditions, which pose a threat to life, the environment and property.

The Division is under the command of an Assistant Fire Chief designated as the Department’s Fire Marshal. The Fire Prevention Division presently has a total of 157 personnel. The Fire Prevention Division’s five sections are organized to provide the highest quality customer service to fulfill the Department’s mission.

The Fire Department covers a diverse and unique area of responsibilities as related to Fire Prevention. Widespread and diverse activities of commercial, industrial and residential development and operations are processed and inspected. New processes and products must be analyzed and codes and inspections kept current. Numerous and widespread fires must be investigated and the information reentered into the system to update and improve the safety of the community and our personnel.

Los Angeles Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention & Public Safety
Chief's Regulation No. 4 Unit
200 North Main Street, Room 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA
Phone: (213) 978-3596
Fax: (213) 978-3614
E-mail: LAFDReg4@lacity.org

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