Combined Dry Pipe and Pre Action Systems

Los Angeles Combined Dry Pipe and Pre Action Systems

Using a combined dry pipe and pre action fire protection involves installation of the following fire protection components, exterior water supply main, penetration firestopping, fire detection and alarm systems, fire protection general requirements, and fire pump systems.  The combined dry pipe and pre action system uses multiple components to extinguish the fire. The fire detection alarms initiate the automatic fire sprinkler heads, where pressurized water then sprays unto the specific area for containment and to extinguish the fire.

NFPA 13D has created a standard for the installation of fire sprinkler systems, detailing information for the combined dry pipe and pre action system. “1.1* Scope. 1.1.1 This standard shall cover the design, installation, and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems for protection against the fire hazards in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes. 1.1.2 This standard assumes that the sprinkler system is designed to protect against a fire originating from a single ignition location.”

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