Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Repair

Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Repair

Our fire protection company will be able to identify the issues and repair any existing problems with the components of your fire protection system. Repairing your fire sprinkler system consists of a fire safety engineer or California State licensed fire protection contractor coming to your home, testing and inspecting the existing fire protection system, fire sprinklers and fire alarms, then making any necessary repairs to the fire protection system.

Types of fire protection systems that may Require Maintenance:

The NFPA has established a set standard for maintaining your fire protection system for residential it is NFPA 13D, and commercial is NFPA 25, which explains the types of fire protection systems and the maintenance that should be completed.

Water Based Fire Protection Systems which includes piping above head and/or ground piping that include the following fire sprinkler systems, wet pipe system, antifreeze system, dry pipe system, deluge system, pre action system, and combined dry pipe pre action.

Stand Pipe Systems which include wet standpipe systems, dry standpipe systems, combined standpipe and fire sprinkler system, private fire service main, fire pump, water tank, water spray fixed system, deluge foam water sprinkler and foam water spray systems, foam water spray systems, foam water sprinkler system, and control valves.

Responsibility of the owner or occupant, the owner shall provide ready accessibility to components of water based fire protection systems that require inspection, testing, maintenance and the owner will maintain and repair any components that are not properly functioning.

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