Los Angeles Commercial Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Alarms

Los Angeles Commercial Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Alarms

Contact us for assistance in testing, inspecting, repairing or replacing your fire protection systems fire alarms, and fire detection alarms. The fire alarms and detection alarms are the most important components to your commercial fire protection system. The devastating effects of fire spread rapidly and time is of essence, the fire alarms are designed to notify your patrons in the event of a fire and give them time to evacuate the premises. This also gives time for the fire sprinkler system to activate containing and/or extinguishing the fire.

Automatic signaling devices are installed in many public buildings, and commercial stores. These devices include smoke and heat detectors that are wired to send an alarm to the people inside and around the facility where a fire may be present and to begin evacuation of the structure.

A fire sprinkler system is often wired to the fire detection alarms and fire alarms. The fire sprinkler system is a network of pipes installed throughout a building. The pipes carry water or fire extinguishing material to each of the fire sprinkler heads located in the ceilings, walls, and ground heads designed to spray fire extinguishing material on the fire hazard and extinguish the fire. When the water or fire extinguishing material flows through the pipes and out the fire sprinkler heads a secondary alarm may notify the local fire department allowing them to dispatch the fire department if necessary.

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