Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Retrofit and Remodel

Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Retrofit and Remodel

When there is not a fire protection system present or in the event the existing fire protection system requires modifications; it is referred to as retrofitting the fire sprinkler system, or remodeling the fire protection system. This allows the fire safety engineers and licensed fire protection contractors to assess the risks of fire danger, what types of flammable materials may be present and the best way to extinguish all forms of fire dangers.

By retrofitting your home with a fire protection system, you add peace of mind to your home knowing that your family, loved ones, personal valuables and prized possessions are safe from the devastating effects of fire. You also may save money on your home owners fire hazard insurance policy contact your insurance representative for details.

Remodeling takes a fire safety engineer to address the new or existing fire dangers and risks, modifying the existing fire protection system by remodeling the fire detection alarms, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, sprinkler heads, or other components of the fire safety system.

The USFA (United States Fire Administration) suggests, “What Are Home Fire Sprinkler Systems? Using quick response sprinklers and approved piping, homes can be built or even retrofitted to include low-cost automatic sprinkler systems connected to the domestic water supply. Sprinkler systems offer advantages to the homebuilder:
·         A low-cost reliable safety option that would attract many buyers.
·         Trade-offs between sprinklers and code requirements that can result in lower construction costs, more units per area of land, etc. (5 to 15 percent)
For homeowners, the advantages include assurance of a safer environment for their families, protection of their investment and irreplaceable family possessions, and lower insurance rates 5 to 15 percent.” (USFA Reference)

We have all seen fire protection systems and fire sprinklers in schools, office buildings factories, etc…But what about protecting your home, your family and irreplaceable possessions. Fire safety is a concern for you and your family and should be addressed contact us today for a fire protection system bid and obtain a detailed quote to see an estimate of the costs involved in retrofitting your home with a fire sprinkler system.

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