Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Engineering

Los Angeles Residential Fire Sprinkler Engineering

Our fire safety engineers and California State licensed fire protection contractors have extensive training when it comes to preventing fire in your home residence. The fire safety engineers’ role is to evaluate the fire risks present in your home, identify the solutions to extinguish any form of fire, and design a protection system that may include fire sprinklers. The fire safety engineer takes modern technology and applies science to not only evaluate the fire risk, but design a fire protection system suitable to extinguish all forms of fire that may occur in your home residence.

Wikipedia states, “Fire protection engineers identify risks and design safeguards that aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires. Fire protection engineers assist architects, building owners and developers in evaluating buildings' life safety and property protection goals. FPEs are also employed as fire investigators, including such very large-scale cases as the analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Centers. NASA uses fire protection engineers in its space program to help improve safety[1]. Fire protection engineers are also employed to provide 3rd party review for performance based fire engineering solutions submitted in support of local building regulation applications.”

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