Los Angeles Commercial Fire Protection Certification

Los Angeles Commercial Fire Protection Certification

In Los Angeles County your business or company may have to comply with Los Angeles fire codes, rules, and regulations. In compliance with these fire codes you may be required to have fire protection certifications completed every 5 years. This service and maintenance report of your automatic fire extinguishing systems including fire sprinklers, dry pipe, deluge, and pre action systems, fire hose cabinets, plus on site fire hydrants, alarm and supervisory equipment attached to those systems. (As per Title 19, Health and Safety Codes, NFPA, and County of Los Angeles Fire Code) Here is a link to http://www.fire.lacounty.gov/FirePrevention/PDFs/FD-410C.pdf for additional information.

Having a properly functioning fire protection system, is not only required in most commercial buildings, but if you have complete fire sprinkler coverage, and more than adequate fire hydrants and fire extinguishers you may qualify for additional discounts through your fire hazard insurance provider. (Contact your fire hazard insurance provider for details) Fire protection and fire sprinkler certifications on commercial buildings ensure that all parts, components, and fire alarms are properly working, saving lives, and preventing the devastating effects of fire.

A detailed list of California State and Los Angeles Municipal Codes for Building Regulations can be found on the following website http://www.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll?f=templates&fn=default.htm&vid=amlegal:lamc_ca which will help you understand the building codes regarding fire alarms, fire prevention, fire protection, and fire sprinkler coverage.

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